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Updated: Oct 28, 2019

Ever wished you had a sounding board, someone to talk to about your business or the dream you have of starting one? Hear directly from women who have started and scaled their creative businesses as we discuss how to overcome challenges including pricing, understanding your target market, product offerings, time management, outsourcing, to do or not to do custom orders and MORE!

Patrice Johnson

Patrice J. Bridal

Bridal will officially launch in 2020. But I have been sewing for hire since 2015.

I started because there was and still is a need for classic and timeless frocks for women with curves. I personally know the challenges curvy girls face when it comes to formal wear. Patrice J. Bridal is the solution.

Tips: Recognize that your passion project is also a business. Educate yourself on business tools and best practices for your industry. Charge what you're worth. Everyone is not your customer, it's okay to say no.

My favorite tools are my sewing machine and my seam ripper!

Personal @patricej715 Business @patricejbridal

Based in STL

Maria Ramirez

Maria Christina Designs

I have been in business since 2010

and started my business for various reasons. Being a retired preschool teacher, I love to create and it also gave me time to be with family and travel.

Tips: Your business is what you make of it. Always have professionals look at contracts. Stick to your gut. Enjoy what you do and have fun. Don't procrastinate or you'll miss out on opportunities.

FB : Maria Christina Jewelry and Designs

Instagram: Maria Christina Jewelry

LaKenda Rogers

Krafty Kravingz LLC

Zachary, LA.

I’ve been creating for 2 years, in business 1 year. I started Krafty Kravingz as a way to create a balance between work life, motherhood and being a wife. I felt that I should not be all work and no play so It started as my “play time”! Play time turned passion project so I decided to turn it into a creative business. I’ve allowed god to lead me on this journey and I’m taking my time to receive whatever it is that he has in store for me.



Write down a plan and set goals

Go slow

Know what sets you & your products apart Your products being cheap should never be what sets you & others apart.

Know you’re worth


Continue to learn your software

Create a reputation for your business that keeps your customers coming back & #kraving for more!

Favorite projects:

They’ve honestly all been my favorite but if I had one it’d be my “cheetah babe” shirt.


Cricut tool set

Amazon tools

Teckwrapt weeding tool (the best weeder)

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